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Amazon Fire Stick 2nd Gen with GoNMF video

Part Number: AFS2ndGen
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This Amazon Fire Stick 2nd Gen with GoNMF Display video is set up for a Dealer to connect this to a HDMI ready TV or Display for Continuous loop of a GoNMF video Advertisement.  Sell more ,No More Friction, by customers watching your display and learning about NMF without you saying a word.  They say it takes more than 10 introductions to a product before a person will become interested.  Every time they come into your store, or see your racing tent and your display you are creating more interest, and eventually more sales.

  The Fire Stick is set up to work even if there is no WIFI present and/or you don't have a Amazon account, straight out of the box.  No programming is needed by the Dealer to use this stick!  We set it all up for you to work, just plug it in and connect the power and it will go directly to the directory with the video in it.  Two clicks of the big round button on the fire stick remote is all that is needed then to have the video start loop playing.

This package also comes with a HDMI 8" extension so the Fire stick can be tucked away on the back of the display out of sight.

We have found that this 19" element TV from Walmart works well with the Fire Stick.  Even though it will say it doesn't have enough power from the TV's onboard USB to power the Fire stick, we have found that it works well, and has been working for us under 24/7 continuous use.  Here is a link to the one we use.     Walmart # 551582070  We paid $88.00 for ours.

There are other cheaper TV's at Walmart but we don't know how they will work with the Fire Stick as far as the TV actually Powering up the Stick.  Even my 52 inch TV's USB port won't properly power up the Fire Stick.  We like that with this set up all you need to do is plug in the TV and its working.

The 2nd Gen Fire Stick is the cheaper of our two Fire Stick options.  With the 2nd stick you can not control the TV with the Fire Stick remote.  You have to turn on the TV and adjust the volume manually or with the TV's remote.  We like the slightly more expensive option which is the Fire Stick 4k option.  This allows you to set up the Fire stick remote to turn on the TV and control sound volume from the Fire Stick remote.  You can even download the Fire Stick app. and control the Fire Stick from your phone.  We just use the remote for the Fire Stick.

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