QUESTION:  What differences can I expect with NMF?

ANSWERS: In all vehicles, NMF will reduce friction and wear and clean parts.  The following benefits should be noticeable on all vehicles:

- Smoother and quieter engine: this is more pronounced in older diesel engines, less so in newer diesel engines and even less in most gasoline/alcohol engines. It should be quite evident in big rigs, motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles.  You can use a smart phone vibration meter to measure vibration reduction and a decibel meter to measure noise reduction.

- Clean engine: If you do a before-and-after engine inspection, you will find that after a regular oil change interval running NMF, your engine is clean. 

- Extended oil Life:  As described at this link, NMF extends the life of conventional and synthetic oils.

- Clean injectors: After using NMF in your fuel for a few hundred miles, you will find your injectors to be clean.

- Reduced blow-by:  Blow-by can be caused by mechanical failure (worn out pistons or cylinders) and excessive vibration.  If your engine is healthy and still experiencing blow-by, chances are that excessive vibration is allowing unburnt fuel to get past the gap between the rings and the cylinder.  In that case, NMF will reduce blow-by.

Improved throttle response should be apparent on motorcycles, snowmobiles, small engines, and 2-strokes.

Wear Reduction, evidenced by heat reduction is clearly noticeable under stressful workloads such as heavy hauling and racing. However, it may not be so apparent under low workload, such as in-town driving or easy highway miles. 

Fuel Savings in semi trucks:  A fully-treated semi truck should enjoy improved fuel efficiency.  For this we offer a money-back guarantee as described at this link.  For vehicles other than big rigs, studies are ongoing, and we will be thankful for your feedback. 

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