Independent Test Results

QUESTION: What are independent testing results?

ANSWER: The ASTM is a series of tests which are trusted by SAE engineers. In order to maintain certification, all ASTM laboratories around the world operate according to strictly-enforced procedures. The ASTM test relevant to NMF Ionic Friction Reducer is ASTMD4172, which is the international standard measurement of friction reduction and wear reduction of a lubricant. Petro-Lubricant Labs of Lafayette, New Jersey, one of the oldest ASTM-certified laboratories in North America, conducted ASTM D4172 on Shell Rotella T 15w40 without and with NMF. NMF reduced friction 36% more and reduced wear 22% more than Shell Rotella T 15w40 does alone. 

We guarantee that NMF will improve the wear resistance of whatever oil you use by at least 10%.

We are not aware of another product that comes close.  

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